• Water Saving Olympics

    DSRSD Customers...

    ...are world class water savers! Thank you for getting us through the drought emergency. Now that we have moved to voluntary conservation, please keep using water wisely, every day.>>

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    We’re looking into the pipes under our streets…so what happens in the sewer, stays in the sewer!

  • Annual Water Quality Report

    Water Quality Report

    In 2015, our water met all safety standards, as it has for many years. Read our newest report about where our water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to the standards. >>

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    Risk of lead in our water is very low. DSRSD has never used lead pipes, and Zone 7 controls the corrosiveness of our water. But homes with pre-1986 plumbing could be at risk. Get the facts. >>

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    Water Reuse Is Growing

    In 2015, recycled water accounted for 26% of the water used by DSRSD customers, and nearly all of it was delivered in purple pipes. Learn more >

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    AquaHawk Customer Portal

    How much water are you using? AquaHawk can tell you! Sign up is fast, free and easy. >>


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