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Dublin San Ramon Services District. Water, wastewater, recycled water.
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Newsline and Water Quality Reports
Annual Water Quality Report for 2012 (1.7 MB pdf)
Newsline, Water Rate Study (521 KB pdf)
Newsline, October - December (645 KB pdf)
Newsline, Finances in Brief (311 KB pdf)
Annual Water Quality Report for 2011 (1.14 MB pdf)
Newsline, October - December (1.22 MB pdf)
Newsline, Finances in Brief (843 KB pdf)
Annual Water Quality Report for 2010 (479 KB pdf)
Newsline, January - March (543 KB pdf)
Annual Water Quality Report for 2009 (1.3 MB pdf)
Newsline, October - December (457 KB pdf)
Annual Financial Reports
2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2013 Basic Financial Statements(8 MB pdf)
2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2012 Basic Financial Statements(978 KB pdf)
2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2011 Basic Financial Statements(900 KB pdf)
2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2010 Basic Financial Statements(7.84 MB pdf)
Capital Improvement Program
CIP Two Year Budget FYE 2014 - 2015
CIP Two Year Budget FYE 2012 - 2013
CIP Two Year Budget FYE 2010 - 2011
CIP Ten Year Plan FYE 2014 - 2023
CIP Ten Year Plan FYE 2012 - 2021
CIP Ten Year Plan FYE 2008 - 2017
Recycled Water Annual Reports
2013 Recycled Water Use Annual Report(17 MB pdf)
2012 Recycled Water Use Annual Report(1.62 MB pdf)
2010 Recycled Water Quality Annual Report(1.1 MB pdf)
2009 Recycled Water Quality Annual Report(772 KB pdf)
2008 Recycled Water Quality Annual Report(705 KB pdf)
2007 Recycled Water Quality Annual Report(1.5 MB pdf)
2006 Recycled Water Quality Annual Report(3.3 MB pdf)
Operating Budget
Operating Budget – Fiscal Years Ending 2014-2015
Revised Budget – Fiscal Years Ending 2012-2013
Fiscal Years Ending 2012 - 2013
Fiscal Year Ending 2011
Fiscal Year Ending 2010
Planning Documents
Wastewater Treatment Permits & Reports
Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
To request monthly monitoring reports, contact DSRSD Public Information: (925) 875-2282,
Dedicated Land Disposal Facility
Waste Discharge Requirments, August 2007(1.46 MB pdf)
Semiannual Self Monitoring and Maintenance Report,
August 2010 (9.64 MB pdf)
Sewer System Management Plan
(Updated September 2012)
Sewer System Management Plan (27.0 MB pdf)
Complete document, incl appendices
Sewer System Management Plan (6.3 MB pdf)
Main document only, no appendices
A - Contact Information (1.7 MB pdf)
B1 - Overflow Emergency Response Plan (7.9 MB pdf)
B2 - OERP Field Guide Generic 7-29-09 Final (4.2 MB pdf)
C - Troublespot Map (2 MB pdf)
D - DSRSD Sewer Use Ordinance (2.5 MB pdf)
E - Measures and Activities Documents (5.5 MB pdf)
F - Element 7 Supporting Material (2 MB pdf)
G - DSRSD Capital Improvement Program (13.8 MB pdf)
H - SSMP Audit Checklist (80 KB pdf)
I - Regulatory Requirements (870 KB pdf)
Pollution Prevention Program Annual Report 2012(1 MB pdf)
Odor Control Study 2008(3.6 MB pdf)
Special Editions
Dublin San Ramon Services District - The First 50 Years
(761 KB pdf)
Water Quality Survey
Executive Summary of 2004 Survey Results(61 KB pdf)
Analysis of Survey Results(2.8 MB pdf)
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