Residential Recycled Water Fill Station

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Fill Station Closed Due to Treatment Plant Construction

DSRSD has closed the Residential Recycled Water Fill Station because of a major construction project at the water recycling plant. It would be hazardous for the public to be in the fill station area.

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We do not plan to reopen the fill station at the treatment plant in 2017. The Dublin fill station also is permanently closed because the city-owned site is no longer available.

In the spring of 2018, when construction at the treatment plant is likely to be winding down, the DSRSD Board of Directors will consider long-term plans for a residential fill station.

Please read the news release for more information.

Thank you for your extraordinary conservation during the drought emergency. There are many ways to keep saving water outdoors and permanently reduce the need for irrigation. DSRSD continues to enforce state and local regulations that prohibit wasteful and unreasonable uses of potable water. Currently, there are no other restrictions on using potable (drinking) water for outdoor watering in the Tri-Valley.

Updated April 26, 2017

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