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Dublin San Ramon Services District. Water, wastewater, recycled water.
Odor Control Hotline
What is that Smell?
Please call the Odor Control Hotline anytime you have questions or concerns about an odor that you believe is coming from the Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility on Johnson Drive in Pleasanton.

Operators are on duty 24 hours a day to log calls and investigate complaints. Your call can help us identify factors that contribute to odors. Please use the Odor Wheel to describe the smell. DSRSD continues to invest in improvements to reduce odor.
wastewater odor wheel
Download Odor Wheel PDF
24-HOUR ODOR CONTROL HOTLINE:    (925) 519-0557
Odor Control Hotline Document Cover with flowers and DSRSD Logo
Ask for a free Odor Control Hotline refrigerator magnet at 7051 Dublin Boulevard, Dublin.
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