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DSRSD Awards $5.9 Million in Contracts for Dublin Sewer Rehab

Post Date:05/03/2017
Media Contact: Renee Olsen 925-875-2294

DUBLIN, CA–Last night, the Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD) Board of Directors awarded a $5.5 million construction contract to Insituform Technologies (Antelope, CA) to rehabilitate the Dublin trunk sewer, a major pipeline that carries wastewater from south San Ramon and central Dublin to the District’s treatment plant in Pleasanton, and a smaller, shorter pipeline used to process wastewater at the plant.

The DSRSD Board also authorized a $376,000 agreement with The Covello Group (Walnut Creek, CA) to manage construction, conduct inspections, and review materials and equipment for conformance with specifications. The project’s total cost, including design, is $6.7 million. DSRSD invests a portion of the funds received from its sewer customers to rehabilitate and replace aging infrastructure.

Sewer Rehab Starts in June on Village Parkway

Construction on the west (southbound) side of Village Parkway between Tamarack Drive and Interstate 580 will start in June and finish by mid-August, while school traffic is at a minimum. Work south of Interstate 580, which will affect only one commercial parking lot on Commerce Circle, is scheduled to start in August and be completed in October.

Because the pipe runs through a busy commercial area, DSRSD has opted to rehabilitate rather than replace it. Working through manholes, the contractor will insert a flexible liner into the existing pipe. As the liner cures in place, it will harden and bond with the pipe’s interior, restoring it to near-new condition and adding structural integrity. This approach is significantly faster, less disruptive, and less expensive than digging a trench to uncover and replace the old pipe.

Interior of Dublin Trunk Sewer pipe showing where corrosion has exposed reinforcing rebar

Sulfides in wastewater have caused significant corrosion (dark yellow patches) to the interior of the Dublin trunk sewer, exposing reinforcing steel in some locations. DSRSD will rehabilitate the 57-year-old pipe in the summer of 2017.

“This pipe has been a vital piece of our community’s infrastructure for more than 50 years. By investing in a well-planned, efficient rehabilitation project now, we extend its life by another 50 years and minimize the risk of a pipe failure down the road,” says DSRSD Board President Richard Halket.

Installed in 1960, the reinforced concrete pipe is nearing the end of its expected life. Video and sonar inspections revealed significant spalling (flaking) of the pipe's interior and exposed reinforcing steel in some locations. The damage is caused by sulfides in wastewater and is normal in a concrete pipe of this age. DSRSD has assessed the condition of all large pipes in its sewage collection system to proactively plan and prioritize rehabilitation or replacement.

Construction Advisories to Property Owners and the Public

In March, DSRSD mailed information about the project to property owners in the immediate construction zone and held an informational meeting. In late May, DSRSD will mail a postcard to 3,400 homes and businesses surrounding the construction zone to advise them of potential traffic impacts.

Once construction starts, the contractor will post signs that businesses are open and give property owners advance notice of any work that impacts them directly. DSRSD also will post updates on its website at, as well as on and Twitter (@DSRSDnews).


Founded in 1953, Dublin San Ramon Services District serves 173,000 people, providing potable and recycled water service to Dublin and the Dougherty Valley area of San Ramon, wastewater collection and treatment to Dublin and south San Ramon, and wastewater treatment to Pleasanton (by contract). The District office is located at 7051 Dublin Boulevard, Dublin, CA 94568. For more information visit


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