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Reliable Infrastructure, Careful Regulatory Compliance Protect Our Community

DSRSD provides high quality drinking water and recycled water for irrigation. The District complies with the Safe Drinking Water Act and all other state and federal regulations. This requires managing the quality of water sources, employing state-of-the-art water purification processes, paying close attention to facility operations and maintenance, and conducting rigorous water-quality testing.

DSRSD collects, treats and disposes of the community’s wastewater. The District complies with the federal Clean Water Act and other regulations that protect public health and the environment. The DSRSD sanitary sewer system is designed and maintained to keep wastewater safely in the pipes and, at a minimum, meet state sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) regulations. In addition, DSRSD reaches out to treatment plant neighbors to understand their concerns and address impacts such as odor, architectural aesthetics, traffic, noise, and lighting.

DSRSD prepares to protect public health and the environment in emergencies, such as severe storms, when wastewater flows increase, and natural disasters, when pipelines may fail.

The stories below describe some of the ways DSRSD protects public health and the environment. Click Archived News for items more than six months old.

Pipeline Loop Improved Water Service Reliability, Fire Protection

Post Date:12/01/2015 12:20 p.m.

Situation: Schaefer Ranch, a hillside development in far western Dublin that will grow to more than 420 homes when complete, was receiving its drinking water through one long pipeline that runs through areas vulnerable to landslides. A single pump station moved water uphill to a 396,000-gallon storage reservoir.

Solution: The District improved the reliability of Schaefer Ranch's potable water service by completing a planned loop in the water distribution system. Now a second potable water main and a second pump station serve these homes, providing more reliable service during emergencies and maintenance. All of the District’s water service areas are now served by pipeline loops.

The new pump station and several new hydrants also improved fire protection for the nearby Clifden Parc neighborhood and surrounding open space. During construction, the District partnered with the East Bay Regional Park District to extend the Martin Creek Canyon Trail through the new Dublin Hills Regional Park.

The new pipeline, shown in red below, provides a second route for water to reach hillside homes, increasing the reliability of their water service

Schaefer Ranch Pipeline Map

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