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Trimming Sewer Rehab Costs

Post Date:12/13/2017

DSRSD needed to rehabilitate 8,000 feet of a major sewer pipeline that runs under a busy commercial zone on Village Parkway in Dublin. The 33- to 42-inch diameter pipe is buried 15 feet underground and carries about half of the District’s wastewater to the treatment plant. To dig up and replace such a large pipe would have taken months and severely disrupted traffic and commerce.

Instead, the District selected cure-in-place pipe rehabilitation and completed all the work on Village Parkway last summer. Read the full story, including how other smart choices reduced construction costs by $1.2 million.

Worker monitors equipment that is inserting a liner to rehabilitate an aging sewer pipePhoto: A worker monitors the cure-in-place pipe liner (gray fabric at top) as it is guided into the Dublin trunk sewer, a 50-year-old pipe that DSRSD rehabilitated in 2017. After insertion, steam pumped into the pipe will activate resins that bond the liner to the pipe.

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