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Technical Study Says Potable Reuse Feasible in Tri-Valley

Potable Reuse Would Improve Water Supply Reliability

Post Date:06/13/2018

The recently completed Joint Tri-Valley Potable Reuse Technical Feasibility Study found that purifying wastewater to drinking water standards for potable reuse is feasible, will improve water supply reliability, and may improve the overall quality of water in the groundwater basin. Purifying wastewater to drinking water standards could provide an additional 5,500 to 10,000 acre-feet of water per year, or an additional 7 percent to 15 percent to the Tri-Valley water supply annually. Six project alternatives were identified for detailed evaluation. The cost of these six alternatives range from $103 million to $222 million, and could add $10 to $15 per month to an average residential water bill. The DSRSD Board of Directors expressed full support for the next step, a two-year planning study in the $1 million range. The other Tri-Valley water agencies are currently considering whether to proceed with a joint planning study, and a decision is due this fall.

Graph displaying available secondary effluent over a 12-month period

CAPTION: DSRSD and the City of Livermore have existing non-potable recycled water programs and are sources of water (secondary effluent) for the purified water project. The available flow for potable reuse varies seasonally.

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