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Heavy Flows Tested with Plant Under Construction

Three Years to Upgrade and Expand Primary Sedimentation Tanks

Post Date:08/07/2019

Shortly after midnight Wednesday, operators diverted wastewater coming into the Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility (RWTF) to a holding basin for six hours. During that time, Anderson Pacific Engineering Construction drained the settled sewage channel (something that had not been done for more than 20 years) and adhered a steel trench plate to the north wall of the channel where the wastewater will eventually flow from the new primary sedimentation tank under construction. Taking advantage of the situation, the RWTF operators stress tested operating the plant with only three primary sedimentation tanks (instead of four) at high flows (simulating heavy winter rains): normal incoming flows of 10 million gallons per day (mgd) combined with the wastewater in the holding basin to achieve 30 to 35 mgd. “It is a good opportunity for the operators to test the actual operation of the primary sedimentation tanks under high wastewater flows versus the theoretical hydraulic model,” said Operations Manager Jeff Carson. This $19 million construction project is expected to be completed in fall 2021.

Construction crew members look into and work inside the emptied settled sewage channel during the night.

Photo: Crew members with Anderson Pacific Engineering Construction insert a temporary steel plate into the emptied settled sewage channel until the new primary tank pipeline to the channel is ready for use.

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