Public Safety Power Shutoff

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Are You Prepared for a Public Safety Power Shutoff?


 Be Ready

To help your family be prepared, be sure to store enough water to last at least three days. It is recommended to store at least one gallon per person (and pet!) per day. Follow these links for more:


The California Public Utilities Commission has developed regulations allowing investor-owned utilities such as PG&E to proactively turn off power lines under elevated fire risk conditions (gusty winds combined with low humidity and dry vegetation). A Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) may affect more than the electricity running to your home—you and your family could be without water service.

If the Dublin San Ramon Services District receives notice of a PSPS event, our operators will top off reservoirs as notice allows. However, the District’s storage capacity only holds enough drinking water for one day. If DSRSD or our water supplier Zone 7 Water Agency loses power, we may not have the ability to pump water to keep reservoirs full.

The District has two portable emergency generators at pump stations, and DSRSD staff is actively working to purchase additional generators to keep water flowing in the event power is shut off.

Things You Can Do

Homes with orange and gray smoke in the background.In the event you are notified of a power shutoff, we need your help to immediately start conserving water to make the supply last as long as possible. Ways you can reduce water use:

  • Turn off all outdoor irrigation (60% of residential water use)
  • Flush only when necessary (11% of residential water use)
  • Hold off on doing laundry (9% of residential water use)
  • Reduce shower time to 3 minutes or try a sponge bath (8% of residential water use)
  • Repair leaks immediately (6% of DSRSD water loss is due to leaks)
  • Try to use one to two gallons per person per day for drinking and food prep (6% of water use)