Report Leaks, Thefts, Vandalism

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  • During Business Hours, 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday-Friday: DSRSD Customer Service: (925) 828-8524
  • After Business Hours: Alameda County Sheriff's Dispatch: (925) 462-1212 Report Leaks from Public Water and Sewer Systems

Orange cone marks water flowing from leak under a streetPhoto: Water bubbling up from road pavement usually means an underground pipe is leaking.

Please call the numbers above immediately if you see standing or flowing water in the street. We will want to assess the problem to minimize water losses or sewage spills.

To report non-emergency water waste, such as irrigation leaks and runoff, email or call 925-828-8524. Please tell us date, time, and location (address, cross street, or intersection). Report Illegal Hookups to Hydrants

Garden hose connected illiegally to fire hydrantPhoto: People who connect a hose directly to a hydrant are stealing water and putting the water supply at risk of contamination. 

Connecting a hose directly to a hydrant, without an appropriate backflow prevention device, puts the public water supply at risk of contamination. It also is water theft. If you see anyone connecting a hose to a yellow fire hydrant (as in photo), take these steps:

Do not confront the individual.

If you can do so safely, pull over to the side of the road, jot down the company name on the vehicle (if any) and the license plate number. If possible, snap cell phone pictures. Email the information to

Or call the police non-emergency phone number and report a crime in progress. Tell the police you observed someone in the process of stealing water and ask if they will immediately send an officer to investigate. You may let them know DSRSD intends to press charges against individuals who connect to a hydrant illegally. The officer may ask you to stay in the area until a patrol car arrives.

  • Dublin Police Department (925) 462-1212
  • San Ramon Police (925) 973-2779 (for incidents in Dougherty Valley)

Recycled water hydrant with properly connected meterPhoto: Construction contractors and others use hydrant meters to obtain water legally and safely. 

If there's a meter on the hose, it's legal and safe. If you see someone taking water from a yellow or purple hydrant using a meter, they are doing so with permission and no action is required. The colors should match: yellow meters for yellow hydrants and purple meters for purple hydrants.

White fire hydrants belong to East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), which provides water to San Ramon outside of Dougherty Valley. Please report suspicious activity around white hydrants to the EBMUD Customer Contact Center at (1-866) 403-2683.


…to Report Suspicious Activity, Vandalism

DSRSD has increased security measures to ensure the safety and security of our water supply and infrastructure. Please call the numbers above if you see suspicious activity near hydrants, pump stations, turnouts, pipelines, reservoirs, or treatment facilities or damage to any of these facilities.