COVID-19 and Drinking Water

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DSRSD Tap Water is Safe, Reliable, and Available

Water faucet pouring water into a glass held by a hand.In light of concerns surrounding COVID-19 (the coronavirus), the Dublin San Ramon Services District wants to reassure customers this virus has no impact on the District’s drinking water supply. DSRSD is committed to providing its customers with safe and reliable water that is both available and plentiful.

DSRSD receives drinking water from Zone 7 Water Agency, the Tri-Valley’s water wholesaler. Zone 7 disinfects and removes pollutants from surface water using a multi-barrier approach, and groundwater is disinfected with chloramine (chlorine and ammonia). After receiving treated water, DSRSD maintains a consistent residual level of disinfectant in its distribution system and flushes pipelines to prevent bacterial growth.

Read Zone 7 Water Agency's FAQs related to COVID-19 

DSRSD potable (drinking) water meets or exceeds all stringent state and federal drinking water requirements. DSRSD’s most recent Annual Water Quality Report is available on our website. 

Recycled water used for irrigation is also disinfected with methods that should deactivate COVID-19. Following pretreatment, primary, and secondary treatment, cleaned wastewater is then disinfected with sodium hypochlorite (bleach). The chlorine contact provides proper levels of disinfection. For recycled water, after undergoing tertiary filtration, the recycled water is then exposed to UV (ultraviolet) light disinfection, which kills or inactivates any bacteria or viruses that might remain in the water. UV light destroys the DNA of pathogens.

How to reach DSRSD during the shelter-in-place order

Businesses resuming water use after shutdown or limited operations

DSRSD wants to help businesses return to work successfully, and we’re dedicated to making sure your employees and customers have safe water. Please review this PDF flyer to learn how to reopen your business and ensure your water is safe. 

For more information on COVID-19, please visit:

Alameda County Public Health Department
Contra Costa Health Services