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PFAS Information

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  • What are PFAS and PFCs?

  • What are PFOA and PFOS?

  • Why should I care?

  • Who is more at risk from exposure? Who is most vulnerable?

  • How are people exposed to PFAS?

  • Where are PFOA, PFOS, and PFAS found in the environment?

  • How do PFAS get into drinking water?

  • Are PFAS still being produced in the U.S.?

  • What is being done to remove PFAS from the environment?

  • How are PFAS regulated?

  • How are PFAS removed from the water?

  • Are there PFAS in my water?

  • What is Zone 7 Water Agency, DSRSD's wholesale source of water, doing regarding PFAS in the water?

  • Why are we only hearing about this now? What brought all this about?

  • What can I do to minimize my exposure to PFAS?