FOG Clogs Pipes

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Keep Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) Out of Your Sink

Greasy food waste is a leading cause of clogs and costly repairs in the public wastewater system, as well as in private sewer laterals, the pipes that connect homes and businesses to public sewer mains.
To avoid sewage backups, never put fat, oil, or greasy food down the sink. Cooking oil and grease, meat scraps, gravy, mayonnaise, oily salad dressings, and high-fat dairy products can all clog pipes. It doesn't help to use a garbage disposal or rinse with hot water--the grease will harden further down the line.
Wipe greasy pans and dishes with a paper towel and place the towel with food scraps in your green waste cart. The Tri-Valley’s garbage companies will turn your food scraps into productive compost. For details on what you can put in your green waste cart, contact the garbage service for Dublin, San Ramon or Pleasanton.
Collect cooled liquid cooking oil (such as from a deep fryer) in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Bring the container to a collection center for recycling. Find locations at or
Motor oil is a toxic waste. Never dump it into sinks, floor drains, storm drains (which flow directly to creeks and the bay), or landfills. Check the websites above for hazardous waste collection centers near you.