Recycled Water Deliveries Set New Records in 2017

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Recycled Water Treatment Plant, Jeffrey Hansen PlantIn 2017, customers in Dublin, San Ramon and Pleasanton used a total of 1.39 billion gallons of recycled water. On ten hot days in the summer of 2017, customers used every drop of available recycled water from the Jeffrey G. Hansen Water Recycling Plant in Pleasanton. Even as a wet winter helped California emerge from one of the worst droughts in history, the region's recycled water usage increased over 2016's prior record of 1.05 billion gallons. By using recycled water on landscaped areas, customers help save precious drinking water in dry and wet years alike.

New customer connections in DSRSD, EBMUD and Pleasanton service areas were the driving factor in 2017's 32 percent increase in recycled water use in the past year. To keep pace with the expanding system, the San Ramon Valley Recycled Water Program (SRVRWP) has optimized operations and began constructing a new treatment plant expansion. In 2018, SRVRWP will complete the expansion project and continue seeking new sources of water to meet growing demands.

"It takes a lot of coordination and skill to treat and distribute recycled water daily," said SRVRWP Authority Manager Michael Tognolini, "the plant operators did a great job not only on those ten days last summer, but all year long."