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Using Ratepayer Dollars Wisely

At DSRSD we look for ways to save money while protecting the quality and reliability of our services. Improving efficiency uses ratepayer dollars wisely, as does avoiding unnecessary spending through sound planning. Often we partner with other agencies to share costs. We also seek alternative funding for infrastructure through state and federal grants.

Recent Stories about Increasing Savings

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Worker monitors equipment that is inserting a liner to rehabilitate an aging sewer pipeTrimming Sewer Rehab Costs

Using cure-in-place pipe technology and collaborating on an efficient route for a bypass pipeline trimmed the price and shortened the duration of a major sewer rehabilitation.


Two men in protective clothing connect hose from tanker truck to storage tankDistrict Saves on Chemicals with Bidding Co-op

Since creating a bidding cooperative seven years ago, the District has saved more than $900,000 on chemicals used in water and wastewater operations.


Treated wastewater in secondary clarifier tank reflects a sunsetQuick Repair in a Tight Space Saves $13,000

Employees earn 'Team of the Year' award for confined space operation to repair center column of secondary clarifier.

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