Protect Health & Environment

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Reliable Infrastructure, Careful Regulatory Compliance Protect Our Community

To provide high quality drinking water and recycled water for irrigation, DSRSD complies with the Safe Drinking Water Act and all other state and federal regulations. This requires managing the quality of water sources, employing state-of-the-art water purification processes, paying close attention to facility operations and maintenance, and conducting rigorous water-quality testing.

To collect, treat and dispose of the community’s wastewater, the District complies with the federal Clean Water Act and other regulations that protect public health and the environment. The DSRSD sanitary sewer system is designed and maintained to keep wastewater safely in the pipes and, at a minimum, meet state sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) regulations. In addition, DSRSD reaches out to treatment plant neighbors to understand their concerns and address impacts such as odor, architectural aesthetics, traffic, noise, and lighting.

DSRSD prepares to protect public health and the environment in emergencies, such as severe storms, when wastewater flows increase, and natural disasters, when pipelines may fail.

Recent Stories about Protecting Public Health and the Environment

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A water operator opens a hydrant to flush a drinking water main.

Flushing Water Pipes

Routine maintenance flushing of water lines at dead ends improves water quality. Check updated maps for each week's schedule during summer and fall 2018.

Two men excavate water pipe on residential streetRecognizing the People Behind the Pipes 

DSRSD staff and an emergency contractor worked around the clock for 27 hours to repair major water pipe break in September.


A A marsh at edge of San Francisco BayClean Water Permit Renewed for Safe Wastewater Disposal

As required by the Clean Water Act, DSRSD recently renewed a permit that regulates discharges of clean wastewater into San Francisco Bay.

Worker lowers camera into underground sewerVideo Inspections Prioritize Sewer Repairs

Inspecting older sewer pipelines is an essential step in assessing the condition of every pipe in the wastewater collection system.

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