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The Board of Directors may, from time to time, express its intentions on matters affecting the District in the form of a "policy." A policy is a broad guideline adopted by the Board to establish the District’s course of action and/or to establish a degree of certainty as to how the District will act in certain situations. Only the Board can set District policy.

A policy can be a specific statement of principles or guiding actions that denotes clear commitment by the District; a statement of values or intent that provides a basis for consistent decision-making and resource allocation; or a method or course of action selected to guide and determine present and future decisions. A policy also is used to establish rules of conduct for the Board on matters related to the business of the District.

Policies are adopted: (1) if required by the law, the District’s Code, regulations, or contracts into which the District has entered; or (2) at the sole prerogative of the Board. While the need for a policy may be mandated and the contents of the policy may be required to meet broad specified requirements, the exact terms of the policy statement are determined at the sole discretion of the Board. A policy is not used to establish administrative procedures, rules, or guidelines; those documents are developed and implemented by management.

A policy typically contains a summary of the rationale or philosophical basis for its adoption, to make it a useful guide to management and staff who are responsible for its implementation. Policies are not permanent documents but may be modified or rescinded in whole or in part at any time by the Board. The Board reviews District policies on a regular basis. If two or more policies are contradictory, as a general principle, the most recently adopted policy will have precedence since it represents the most current thinking of the Board. As policies are updated, it may take 30 days before the latest revision is posted here.

Policies are adopted by resolution at a duly noticed meeting of the Board of Directors. Policies are to be distinguished from the procedures, directives, rules and similar documents, all of which are administered by management and staff in furtherance of and to implement policies adopted by the Board. Such procedures, directives, rules, and similar documents are adopted or issued by the General Manager.

For more information, contact the District Secretary Nicole Genzale at (925) 828-0515.

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