Fixing Leaks

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   Household Leaks Waste 10K Gallons Annually

Please fix leaks immediately to avoid wasting water. This 60-second video shows you how: Check, Twist, and Replace!

Fixing Leaks Saves Water and Money

Leaks waste a lot of water, even in households that otherwise use water very efficiently.

According to EPA WaterSense, leaks waste more than 10,000 gallons of water annually in the average household--enough to do more than 270 loads of laundry. Across the U.S. we lose more than one trillion gallons water every year to household leaks, enough to supply 11 million homes.

So don’t ignore a “running” toilet, dripping faucet or squishy spot on the lawn. Fix those leaks and start saving money as well as water.

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Fix a Leak Week, March 14-20, 2014, EPA WaterSense

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Leaks Can't Hide from AquaHawk!

If you have a leak, you'll see it on AquaHawk, our free online customer portal. Compare the blue bars in the sample screens below.

NO LEAK: In the course of a day, you’ll see times when there is no water use at all.


LEAK: You'll see continuous water use, even through the night.


Sign up for AquaHawk today to view your water consumption and look for signs of a leak. Then explore what else you can do on AquaHawk--set alerts, pay your bill, view previous bills, and sign up for paperless billing.

More Resources

  • Look for the WaterSense label when replacing a toilet, faucet, showerhead, or irrigation controller. These products meet national standards for efficiency and performance.
  • Browse dozens of helpful videos in the California Water Efficiency Partnership’s How-to Video Library.
  • Learn who's responsible for pipeline repairs.
  • Report a leak or theft from a DSRSD water pipe or hydrant.
  • Learn how to shut off your water. Please do not shut off your water at the meter box or tamper with the meter. Water meters are the property of DSRSD. If you or your designee damage the meter, you will be billed for repairs.
  • If you have questions about water leaks, please call Customer Service during business hours: (925) 828-8524