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Billing Frequency 

Water - Customers are billed bimonthly (about every 60 days) on approximately the 1st or 15th of the month.

Wastewater - Single-family dwellings are billed for wastewater service once a year on the property tax bill. Look under Assessments for: DSRSD SEWER SVC. (Newly constructed individually metered residential properties may be billed bimonthly until the next tax bill submission period.) All other wastewater customers are billed bimonthly.

Bills are due upon receipt – A 10 percent late fee is charged if payment is not posted to the account by the due date. Continued delinquency will result in discontinuation of service. Disconnect and reconnect fees will be charged and a deposit may be required to reinstate service.

Save water and money with AquaHawk, learn more (drops of water falling into piggy bank)Understanding Your Bill

A portion of your bill is based on the amount of water you consume, measured in billing units (one unit = 748 gallons). The charges listed below may appear on your bill.

Zone 7 Cost of Water – DSRSD purchases all of its potable water from Zone 7 Water Agency and charges you the actual cost plus 4.6 percent (for water used for firefighting and maintenance).

Water Consumption – DSRSD charges to deliver water to your address and to maintain the water system. Rate structures and prices vary by type of customer. 

Recycled Water – Irrigation customers pay 90 percent of the Normal Potable Irrigation Rate (Zone 7 component [minus their Temporary Conservation Surcharge] + DSRSD Water Consumption component). The recycled water rate does not increase in water shortages.

Power Charge – A charge per billing unit applies to service locations where water must be pumped due to elevation.

Fixed Water Service Charge – To provide the year-round revenue needed to operate and maintain the DSRSD water system, each customer pays a flat, bimonthly water service charge based on meter size.

Sewer Service Charge – Single-family dwellings are billed for sewer service once a year on property tax bills. (Newly constructed homes may be billed bimonthly until the next tax bill.) All other accounts are billed bimonthly.

Rates and Fees

Please note: Water meters are the property of DSRSD and must be accessible to our employees at all times. Keep vegetation trimmed and do not construct anything near the meter. Please do not shut off your water at the meter box or tamper with the meter. If you or your designee damage the meter, you will be billed for repairs. 

Contact Customer Service

  • Call: (925) 828-8524. Representatives are available by phone 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m Monday-Friday.
  • Email:
  • Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday–Friday.
  • Mail payments to: DSRSD, PO Box CC, Dublin, CA 94568-3018
  • Office address: 7051 Dublin Blvd., Dublin, CA 94568
  • After-hours water and sewer emergencies: (925) 462-1212 (Alameda County Sheriff Dispatch)